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The main categories of screen printing machine

Silk screen printing machine is divided into vertical, inclined arm screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, four-screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine.
Vertical screen printing machine features: for high-precision printing, such as high-tech electronics industry, overprinted multi-color, dot printing. And inclined arm screen printing machine compared to low efficiency, but the high precision;
Skewer silk screen machine features: for the packaging industry, or local UV printing, high efficiency, but the accuracy is low;
Turntable silk screen machine features: for the apparel industry, or CD-ROM industry, poor positioning industry can take turntable;
Four-column silk screen machine features: for large area of the industry, if the decoration, large glass and other industries.
The characteristics of automatic screen printing machine: It is the volume of PET, PP, PC, PE and other soft materials printing, by the feed, printing and drying set in one process is completed, is the best mass production of the best select;
Automatic elliptical screen printing machine features: The main application and clothing pieces of printing, printing mortar, water slurry, ink and other slurry.
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